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Crash Padding - Part one (
What we can't avoid is the chance that sooner or later we all get our turn to crash. It just isn't possible to take all the risk out of riding. The statistics hint that a typical street rider will have one or two serious accidents in a lifetime of motorcycling. The point is, when you get your turn to crash, you'll be sliding down the road in whatever gear you decided to wear before you punched the starter button.

Bates Fast Lane Sport Racer Boots (
Nowadays, it seems, if you're looking for high-quality leather shoes or boots, your only option is something from Italy. Granted, there are some fine pieces of leather coming from the land of Dainese and Alpinestar, but here in America, Bates Leathers has been quietly making some of the best motorcycle boots in the world.

Body Armor By Bohn™ Body Protection
Written by: Guy Caputo
After reading an article in a recent issue of Street and Strip magazine about Mark Urban breaking his back on the starting line, I decided to finish this article on Body Armor and get it posted. I have been using and testing a new Body Armor system for about 6 months now and I feel I can give you some very real feedback about the product.

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