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"Get into that first turn first no matter what... don't shut off for anybody... crowd in there, get a wheel in... now tuck in for the straight and don't sit up 'til your starting your next turn... resist the urge to shut her down even if you're sliding out of the groove... just keep it dialed on and lay it over further.  This is flat tracking where no quarter is given and none asked... where your cool has to substitute for brakes... and where your equipment had better be right -- really right!  Small wonder that more Bates Custom Jackets were seen at the nation's dirt tracks than any other kind -- they're made for this kind of action.  And they're worn just as enthusiastically by all kinds of bike riders -- competition, street, and trail."

Grab yourself a piece of history with a Bates Race Shirt.  The perfect protection for racers and cruisers alike.  Customize it to no end and make it your own, then get out there and get it dirty.

Includes half action back, beaded collar, and reinforced shoulders and elbows. Comes standard with no pockets.



Made In USA

Custom Sizes Only

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