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Luxurious Comfort For Riding and Walking

Whether as a passenger or riding your own bike, Bates Fast Lane Women's Boots provide features you want and will appreciate.  Designed as a woman's boot and not a scaled down man's boot, they combine function with style, giving you comfort while riding or walking.

Handcrafted by Bates from soft yet rugged top grain leather, there is little if any break-in period.  These 14" high boots feature a unique "Adjusta-fit" system, combining the snug fit of a zipper and the adjustability of Velcro.  The system accommodates a wide variety of calf sizes while maintaining an elegant appearance, and allows paints to be worn inside or outside the calf.

The extra layer of leather forming the shifter patch and ankle padding provide additional durability and protection while adding to the boot's stylish lines.

Oil resistant soles and heels (approx. 1.5" high) offer excellent traction, durability and can be replaced if necessary.  Standard color is black, other colors are available.

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Available in whole sizes 5 - 10 in B width    //    $285


Made in USA

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